Working Into the Light

A few more visuals from Vegas. (Hey, great name for a book: Visuals from Vegas. Maybe I’ll do that next year.)

Thought this would be a nice sequence to show as a way of working into a subject. It was Friday night as we were walking the Strip, all I had was my trusty Canon G10 – not exactly a low-light star, but until someone wants to buy me a Leica M9 or, maybe, an Olympus E-P2, it’s my walk about camera and I’ll just keep shooting.

First view of the fake Eiffel Tower …

Canon PowerShot G10, 6.1 mm, ISO 200, 1/15, f/2.8

For the students who have found this, look at the shutter speed – well below the 1/60 I recommend you shoot at. But look at the focal length – at 6.1 mm, using the one-over-the-focal-length rule I’ve got some buffer. Not much, as there are some diminishing returns here, but braced up against a post it worked.

But it’s an, “Oh, look, cool. CLICK.” kind of frame. Needs something a little more.

Canon PowerShot G10, 6.1 mm, ISO 200, 1/8, f/2.8

Okay, a little less dynamic, but it’s got some foreground stuff going on it. Need to get down a little lower to clean up some things, and there’s that red blotch to the left … hate edge noise, but what is that?

Canon PowerShot G10, 30.5 mm, ISO 200, 1/13, f/4.5

Now I may have something. No, I don’t see the whole tower – but who doesn’t know what that looks like? But I am starting to talk about the Strip, the visual chaos, the lights, the patterns …


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