Walk Off

Watkinsville, Georgia

Well, that’s it – year 13 of the one year long photo-a-day project ends with some snuck sneaker shots and as close to a selfie as I’ll probably ever post.

Just under 10% of the images this year were made on the other side of the earth, a consequence of spending nearly a month on an amazing journey to Australia. The camera and connections from back home lead me to meet some amazing people, folks I hope to stay connected to from 10,000 miles away. Domestically, there are images from Florida to Central New York, journeys out west to Texas and time in the nation’s capital.

I spent the last few days trying to figure out how to wrap this year up, thinking about what the phlog accomplished (not much, this is mostly a vanity project) and what it should be next. Today marks 4,747 consecutive days of photographing mostly observations.

So … what’s next? I want to be more intentional with this project, which gets hard with all the other commitments of life. But my goal is to, once a week, break from everything else and make an intentional set of images. Images that have a goal, a purpose, that go beyond the visual documentation of everything else I spend my days doing. I won’t go so far as to call it journalism, but I need to be able to think more than react behind the camera.

Let’s see how this goes, eh?

Watkinsville, Georgia