Safety, Beautifully

You all know I’m a car guy. I like cars, I like people who like cars, I like working on cars, and, mostly, I like driving cars. I’m not a speed freak, though I do enjoy auto racing. Mostly, though, I’m more of a brisk-but-legal driver.

But I always wear my seatbelt. Always. And I don’t let anyone ride who won’t, as well. The whole argument of, “I’m too cool to wear a seatbelt” is usually coming from people who drive aggressively and who probably crash because they either ran out of brains or ran out of control.

You can’t control your car if you’re moving around in it – seatbelts keep you in place while you’re driving and save your arse when your frontal lobe sees something shiny.

Why the PSA? Because I was pointed to this video and I think it’s just wonderful.

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