Working, originally uploaded by MarkEJohnson.

Final portfolios are due for two classes this week so we have the lab open every day. It was quiet today, though three (of 32) students turned in their projects. We do everything as an electronic submissioin now, no more waiting for the laser printer queue to clear and hoping the color hadn’t wandered too far from reality.

Yet we still have one box of paperclips on the table, the same box we had when I came here five and a half years ago. Just three clips left, wonder how long they will last …


  1. I know that paper clip box! Whew for not having to wait on the laser printer anymore. Are you using the likely budget cut excuse for not wanting piles of DVDs on your desk?

    Hope all is well,

  2. A little budget excuse, but the server is stable enough to handle the work … and it’s a whole lot easier to transfer than copying 48 DVDs …

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