Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

  • Makes you wonder what they're missing, eh? RT @kavivu: Photo: always that one photographer facing the other way #ugavj #
  • Why telling a 12 year old to "figure it out" when loading a stapler may be a bad idea. #
  • Room is ten times the size of my lab, yet attendance is about the same. Hmmm. #ugavj #
  • @kavivu I use Evernote to organize my life and Keynote for presentations. I feel like I live inside those programs. #
  • That moment you start reading an article you were looking forward to and find the word "arrogation" where "inauguration" should be? #damnit #
  • @seandelliot That pic just made my morning. More to come? #
  • After 20+ years of playing, "Where's mom," I think it's time to stick an RFID chip with gps in her. #
  • Slim pickings at the Kmart going out of business sale. #