Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • @Fuji400 @evey_wilson is infatuated with a lot of things. It's why she's a great journalist. #
  • TeachIt! RT @ashleydaysc: You have a constitutional duty to commit acts of journalism #MSCNE #MSCNE12 #
  • Fifth iteration of the Multimedia Workshop at #MSCNE12 Either we're getting smarter attendees or we're getting better at teaching. Wow. #
  • Damn straight. RT @jsh2014: "I believe we have a constitutional responsibility to commit acts of journalism" #MSCNE12 #
  • @shitfoodblogger FYI, Helvetica quote marks are both trendy and transcendent, they will stand the test of time. #
  • W: What's that dead thing on his head?
    M: Maybe he's from New Jersey?
    W: He's from Britain!
    M: Okay, he's from Old Jersey #Olympics #