Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • @culvy862 @jakeforddaniels If you can get it right in camera, raw doesn't matter. Question is, can you consistently? #
  • Billy Weeks to NPPA Student Chapter at #UGAVJ : Number one problem with journalists is not asking enough questions. #
  • Arghhh … I hate it when I lust after pointless things … #
  • Fancier hotels charge for WiFi access, but cheaper ones don't. Can anyone explain this? Same for parking. #
  • Things that should worry me in a hotel. #
  • Happy to help. RT @JackiWoodNNL: First workshop by @markejohnson on video made trip worthwhile for our small community paper. #ahcj12 #
  • Rockage. #
  • Six tons of gravel moved. Six tons to go … the weeds were nice, I could have lived with three foot high weeds this summer … #
  • After moving 11.95 tons of gravel today, I was told to stop. So the last 100 pounds sits in the driveway, taunting me … also, hey, I'm sore. #