Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

  • When you decide to cheap out and save $10 only to realize the cheap item you drove 20 miles to get won't work for you? That is 2012. #
  • Explained the politics of Patterson Hood's "After It's Gone" to the Small Boy. He listened, looked out the window, saw a cow…and moo-ed. #
  • Fort Mountain-ish after sunset. Headed west again, nicer roads on this trip. #
  • Sometimes the shortest way between two places involves a dirt road. #
  • Third hotel stay this month, third set of issues with it. Thankfully I haven't found blood in this one.

    Well, yet … #

  • #ICONN 2012 is about to start. Follow along if you want. Or race to the Freedom Forum and join us. Up to you … #
  • @jessicaykr That was two cases of paper for under $2, as I recall, through the genius of @wantnot #ICONN #
  • Very cool graphic. RT: @GlobeSox: #RedSox fans, you'll love this: Anatomy of the Green Monster #
  • Seas of humanity. Makes some people queasy. #
  • That moment when you realize a really great organization has no idea how to run an awards event? #soulcrushing Also, #acceptingmydayisover #
  • A parent two seats down from me has fallen asleep at the award ceremony for the state science fair. #jealous #
  • The Girl Child just took first place in the State Science Fair. #iguessthiswasworththewait #