Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

  • Out of curiosity, who the hell designs a web site that is ONLY compatible with Internet Explorer? #
  • @MattSautter If they tell you where, it's a local story. If they don't, it's an anywhere story. One's good journalism, one's good ratings. #
  • Congrats to my colleague, office neighbor and good friend @barryhollander on his promotion to Full Professor. About damned time. #
  • The fact that there is a Kindle edition of "Kindle for Dummies" seems a little, well, odd. #
  • Transitions are hard RT @alysonvwright: Just turned in my camera gear. Usually when people lose 30 pounds, they're happy. #imightcry #ugavj #
  • I think I want this setup in my office for when students are having trouble with their vision. #ugavj #
  • I have to say, there's a certain rush to being quoted as an expert in a Harvard University report: (Yes, totally vain.) #