Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

  • Another #ugavj lesson needed? RT @fmicklow: I have poor snow clearing form #
  • @Jim__Thompson We figured it would be hard to have fewer than the two trick-or-treaters from last year. Not a single knock. #
  • This list makes me oddly happy:
    Link to this coming: #
  • Former #UGAVJ student heading to D.C. for a new job. Asked me for winter survival advice since I'm from up north. Um…DC? Still the south. #
  • Fink! Fink is in the building! #
  • Just spent 60 minutes delivering a 30 minute lecture that had to be translated into Chinese. On a topic I know very little about. Yeah. #
  • Ahhhhhh … the sounds of Fink typing. The world is right again. #
  • Four former students came to see me this week. Happy to see them all, but it was a little weird. Like attending my own wake… #