Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

  • @TammiM For the record, I said the same thing about Tysons construction when I lived there. In 1992. #happymondaythoughts #
  • To whomever launched DDoS attacks on my wife's sites: You've set a new low in the Pathetic Olympics. Concentrate on your D&D tourney, eh? #
  • Arghhh. Another great journalist bails to do PR. Which she'll be great at, but how many more voices can we lose? #
  • Great line: "It's easy to show a profit by laying people off, but at some point, the janitor is NOT going to keep writing copy." Mark Fink #
  • There should be a mercy rule in high school football. Local kids down 49-0, don't see any of them scoring.

    Hey, double entendre there. #

  • Love getting an email from the university that a bunch of my email has been lost … top quality email service we have … #