Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10

  • A little sad I didn't get a Google+ invite. Having junior high, not-cool-enough flashbacks … #
  • The Girl Child is playing some educational marine biology/explorer game where she trades valuable artifacts for…hair styling, on a beach. #
  • About time RT @jackiereedy: @markejohnson bought one in green today. Already placed strategically in the back of my car #
  • New way to annoy the Girl Child: send lots of text messages to her new phone. So happy to be on an unlimited plan. Hehehehehehheheheh. #
  • Watching the shuttle launch with my kids. A very cool moment and glad I can share it with them. #NASA #
  • @thepeche Oh, don't worry – there will be enough heat and humidity to last through October. No fear of running out before you move here. #