Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12

  • RT @fmicklow: Did I just run back to my car to grab a step ladder? Why yes, yes I did. #
  • I don't understand … there are donuts, sitting uneaten, in my lab. Where did this class go off the rails? #jour5990 #docdonuts #
  • I love comment spam: "I was enormously contented to splodge this web-site. I certainly enjoying every bantam jot of it." Splodge? #
  • I think I want to visit Gumlog, Ga.: "The Gumlog area was once known for its beverages (Gumlog drinks its corn) …" Well, maybe not … #
  • For those who care: The brand new, hi tech vinyl fence will be torn down in a week or so, and replaced with (renewable) wood. See, greener. #
  • Today's doodle is way too cool … #