Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • And this is only scratching the surface … @l3ahb3tan: 11 ridiculous piece of advice published in newspapers: #
  • RT @vhernandezcnn: Great #Google homepage image this morning honoring 50th anniversary of JFK's inaugural address #
  • At last … good news in the in-box, a great student has landed a great job. One I am jealous of. #
  • Bad day: Poor story choice, culturally insensitive headline and a moronic column in todays paper. PLUS I saw a student walking in a Snuggie. #
  • @FakeAPStylebook: Print names of all kids who win things so relatives don't complain. Never print any child's name because that's dangerous. #
  • I am missing my big monitor this morning, this MBP screen seems so small … and I remember when laptops had 8 inch, 640×480 screens. #
  • Just in time for spring break listening! RT @caa2410: R.E.M.'s new album – Collapse into Now, the Trailer via @youtube #
  • Can I get an AMEN? RT @yelvington: I know Google means we don't have to actually know things any more, but let's not abuse that, OK? #