Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • I seem to have been drafted into organizing something else … something mildly big and important … more to come. #
  • It is good to be Irish on a day when you talk about storytelling. Hope to hear some good craic, probably tell some, too. #
  • RT @sethgitner: NPPA: Multimedia Immersion 2010: Registration is now open for the NPPA Multimedia Immersion. #
  • Apparently I'm not a very good friend as I just called someone at work to find out they retired. Last year … whoops. #
  • Things I did not know: The mascot for UC Santa Cruz is a banana slug. (Thanks @danteshepherd) #
  • Smelled these in the hallway & got nostalgic. Then heard Fink typing, got sentimental & decided to tweet about it. #
  • Wondering where all of my students are this morning. Hmmmmmm … Maybe they stayed up late to watch Syracuse last night? #
  • The Bluejeans Workshop at Grady College is off and running – and it is really good. Get here ASAP if you can. #