Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

  • Last morning in Elberton … raced a train coming into town, trying to get ahead to shoot it as it crossed a nice bridge. I lost … #
  • RT @DOsports: Syracuse is ranked No. 1 in both polls, first time in the regular season since the 1990 season. #
  • Local tv station's online weather says sunny and 48 on Tuesday. Everyone else says snow and we'll be under a winter weather advisory. Uh … #
  • A little worried about a dentist with this many wires, but they seem nice enough. #
  • Genetic blending at work? #
  • Sorry to report I lost control of my class today-they started dancing to "Thriller" half way through. #
  • This is just too cool … but what books would I cut for? RT @rands: A shelf cut to house seven specific books: #