Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • Mass email from sales guy asking why we haven't been ordering. Sent to 300 people & he didn't BCC it … Why? Because you're an idiot? #
  • RT: Authenticity = ( Trust x Timeliness ) (via @rands) #
  • Wait, the sports headlines on have been replaced by Oprah's Book Club? Not that I care so much about sports, just less about OBC. #
  • It's alive … the UGA Photojournalism blog is done and now resurrected as . Stop on by. #
  • Just rolled over the frame counter on a camera I've had for five months. Which means I'm averaging 55.6 pictures a day on it … seems low. #
  • Does anyone make an ext. DVD burner that will work for more than six months w/o constant "medium sense key" errors? It's not LaCie or Sony. #
  • I think making four DVD coasters in a row is enough for today … beverages, anyone? #