Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • @barryhollander & I are proposing a new award: The Cooke-Hearst Award given for the most comprehensively reported fake story of the year. #
  • I have reached Inbox Zero. But only on one account. Still, I think I deserve a cookie or something … #
  • @KarenRussell Just let me revel in this for a while, eh? in reply to KarenRussell #
  • This made my day: @FakeAPStylebook . All of it. #
  • If you can't reliably deliver a paper & you can't reliably update your site, are you still a news organization? Or just a news-hobbyist? #
  • I wish I could reprogram my camera to display shutter speeds as decimal numerals instead of fractions. Because 0.002 is cooler than 1/500. #
  • Don't let this be you: RT i do so wish i had started working for the student paper earlier in my academic career. (via @rachelwaits) #
  • With five WordPress-based sites to maintain now, I really need a faster connection to do software updates … #