Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • Love typos: On Friday afternoon, Montoya turned a record 33.431 mph lap on the flat, one-mile track at Loudon, N.H. I might bike it faster. #
  • – There are days I am happy, and there are days the news worries me deeply: #
  • I'm reading about the 12+ inches of rain that have fallen over the last 24 hours and thinking … that could have been a lot of snow … #
  • Hmmm … is that smoke coming out of my computer? Lesson: iMacs don't make great video machines. Or I need to stop multitasking … #
  • I should stop screaming, "MAP?!? MAP?!?" in my head as I read flood stories, right? I should start doing it out loud, right? #
  • There's irony in a Republican governor who prayed for rain now asking for federal aid for flooding, right? #
  • Hey, they made a map! Excellent! – Going home? Use our map of flood-related road closures (via @ajc) (Thanks @bfarrar) #
  • Apparently, Hertz's new business plan involves making you wait so long you're desperate to upgrade to a limo. With driver. #
  • @rachelwaits If you're happy with the images, then it's worth the effort. in reply to rachelwaits #