Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • I kind of want one of these: (as seen on Khoi Vinh's #
  • Cleared 2,300 email messages out of the work account this morning and 3,500 out of my home accounts tonight. feels way faster now. #
  • PHOTOGRAPHY AS PUBLIC DIPLOMACY at USC Annenberg (via @HondoMesa) #
  • I love these things – famous photos, in Legos: (Thanks to David Noah, via Facebook) #
  • A good morning so far: Got a great note from CNN about one of my students who did a job shadow there. She really impressed them. Nice job. #
  • Wrestling with Gmail spam. And losing. Badly. Glad my main email account (hosted by is protected better than this. Ugh … #
  • Students: you may have heard audiences read at a 6th grade level. You should not make them feel smarter by writing at a 4th grade level. #
  • Get your coffee, popcorn and notebooks ready: 90 minutes until the NPPA Virtual Video Workshop starts. #
  • RT @Ihnatko: How Amazon Sold Me An Album Today: "Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon" on sale for $1.99 – #