The Break Out

There was a lot of debate about the university opening today. Even the delayed, 11 a.m. time seemed, well … odd. The county schools were closed and even their decision to have staff come in at a later time was dropped once the road conditions were better understood.

So, with warnings from the city and police department to not drive, 40,000+ people headed to campus, four days after our record snow fall.

In case you’re curious, the university is opening at 10 a.m. on Friday, county schools will be closed again and we’re being warned to stay off the roads still. The sun and just-barely-above freezing temperatures today did nothing but provide source materiel for more black ice. There are entire neighborhoods that you can’t get to because of ice on the roads.

All that said, my commutes were uneventful. The decision to keep the public schools closed makes perfect sense as I didn’t see a single county side walk that was clear unless it was in bright sun all day. Any shade and it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Rumor has it none of the school parking lots have been touched.

Good thing we have a long weekend ahead …