Earlier this year, I switched over from the Micro 4/3 system to a simple, fixed lens Fuji X100T. The simplicity of its controls, the lack of interchangeable or zoomable lenses, it has brought me back to forcing myself to move. Add in a sensor that just knocks my socks off and I’ve been perfectly content to use it as my walkabout camera.

But later this month I’ll be wandering the streets of Chicago, chaperoning 70 high school kids and doing my duty as official photographer. The little Fuji works great for some things, but I was looking at needing the flexibility of the big Canon bodies and lenses. Unless … I stumbled across a stupid deal on a Fuji body with a pair of zoom lenses. Same sensor, same circuitry as my walkabout but with optional glass.

I’ve had the kit on my desk for a week but haven’t really taken it out. The rain cleared a bit this afternoon so I walked the back 40 to start learning it.