Red Grids

Finally made it out of my office for a bit today. Had a guest in my class – Stanley Leary – met him for lunch first. We got to talk and walk a bit, so I made a few frames.

The talking was about getting back to photography, about making frames for the love of the frame, not the need of the client. Which was different from what he spoke about in my class, which was all about the business side of photography.

I bring speakers in to supplement what I say and to show there are lots of approaches to what we do. This was the second time I had Mr. Leary in – and it will not be the last. His presentations have been excellent, he engages the students and gets them to think.

That he reinforces a lot of what I have told them is an added bonus. Though, to be honest, I came out of the class with as many notes as my kids … some of them having to do with business, some of them having to do with building relationships and a great new way of explaining why visual hierarchy in a frame is so critical. I’m mulling over my notes still, trying to find a way to blend what happened in class with what I do every day.

Today, today my kids got their money’s worth, I think.

Canon G10, 25.0 mm, ISO 80, 1/640, f/4.5

Canon G10, 25.0 mm, ISO 80, 1/640, f/4.5

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  1. I’ve actually spoken with Stanley over the phone a few times since starting Bailey Photography. For me, he was definitely the most memorable speaker we had.


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