1. For the record my father Danny Lewis Powers misspelled that due to a lack of space and error.Unlike most blogs that i see upon the internet,we are highly intelligent with an outstanding level of comprehension.We are not some hillbilly,nor are we ignorant;Unlike most blogs say we are.My father made that mistake,and honestly no other family member can take credit for that.Not even my aunt and uncle that got this shit started on the internet and with those tee shirts,alto they take credit for it.My grandmother Jo Ann Jenkins started that place.My dad Danny Lewis Powers and my uncle that runs the place now,Anthony Jenkins built that place by hand in the 80s.My father,my grandmother,and I were the only ones living there when the sign was misspelled.The mishap happened in 2005

    • Thanks for that background information. I hope you haven’t taken offense at my image, much of my work is on documenting vernacular views of wherever I am. Scenes like this become part of the character of a community, something we all see and store away, something that brings us back to a time or place.

      For me, your family’s stand is a marker along a route I travel often, it’s a comforting reminder of where I am and how much further I have to go.

  2. Thank you for that information! I am a proud Minnesotan who loves that stand and all that it stands for.
    I live inEatonton now. Is there any risk of losing this landmark?

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