New American Media EXPO

(This post has not much value unless you were there … just saying.)

On Friday afternoon I spoke to a room full of journalists from all types of media and from across the country about multimedia storytelling on the cheap. Several folks asked for a link to the presentation itself, which is now available.

Several others asked for a list of the recommended hardware and software, so that’s up now, as well.

I mentioned some of the storytelling my students have been doing, so here’s a couple of things to check out:

  • The Grady Journal – This is an online news site we created for our students this past year. Content comes from two places – class projects and an independent group of students who meet every Wednesday morning to plan coverage. (Go to the staff page and you can see who they are.)
  • Giving Voice to Us – This was a joint project between my class and a social work class looking at life inside public housing in Clarke County, which has the highest poverty rate in the state of Georgia and is also home to the University of Georgia.
  • A Day at UGA – Another collaborative project, this has 24 multimedia stories produced by my class.
  • Rural Health Care – This was a project with Prof. Patricia Thomas’ class looking at rural health care issues in north Georgia. 

(Those last three, by the way – all the photos, videos and audio slide shows were produced by the same 16 students. I kept them kind of busy …)