Lesson Plans

Got an email from a recent student, thanking me for helping her with a little technical problem she was having on her new job. Tagged on was this line:

college may teach you a lot of things but i have found it doesnt teach you everything….like how to find the hour meter or how to send a DHL package.

I guess I have a few more things to add to my syllabi. A brief list, add to it if you think of other things:

  • How to buy a reliable car
  • Choosing work shoes
  • How to tell when you’re being lied to in an interview
  • Filing your tax returns (or quarterly payments)
  • How to explain you’ll be late for (Thanksgiving) dinner (Again)
  • Choosing a cell phone plan
  • Setting up a (secure) wireless router
  • Building an archive
  • Choosing proper tires and selecting a tire pressure gauge 

There’s more, I’m sure … I’m going to go ponder the difference between teacher and life coach for a while now.

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  1. … how to explain to that really cute someone that something came up at the last second and can we please move dinner back an hour …

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