Kinda Blue

I made a promise to make more stuff this year. I am failing. Miserably. 

My goal was to make four things a week – images, videos, audio, deep pieces of philosophical slander … whatever I could come up with. Have I made four things this month?

Oh, I’ve created things – lots of emails, several notes to my colleagues and our online journalism project is ripping right along at the college. But I just keep losing time. I had hoped that Fridays would be my production time – and not just for lesson plans and grading, but also for making things. It’s not working out, though – I keep scheduling other things on Fridays, things that the job needs or the family needs. All things that need to get done on Fridays. 

Maybe Mondays or early Sundays should become my production time. Or, I could let it all slide until spring break, then crank out half a year’s worth of stuff … ahh, the beauty of future post

In the meantime, here’s where my creative sense has gone – dark, blue and obscure.


Canon G10, 6.1 mm, ISO 200, 1 second, f/2.8

Canon G10, 6.1 mm, ISO 200, 1 second, f/2.8