Gah … Someone’s Ethics are Better than Mine

Waiting in the media room for the start of the Central Michigan-Georgia game, a student asked me where I got my credential holder. Was given out at the beginning of last season, I think. He nods, looking longingly at it. Seated across from me is the director of photography from the local paper, a guy I like and trust. He confirmed it was given out last year, but said he couldn’t use it. 

Immediately, I knew my ethics had been trumped. Here I was, a guy who preaches about independence all the time, about being above judgement, and I’m parading around with the logo for a team I’m supposed to be objectively covering wrapped around my neck … 

Is it stupid? To some, yes, but it is driving me nuts right now. Next game, the logo’d lanyard stays home and a generic one will be in its place.

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