Fall of the Season

Aside from winter, fall is my favorite season. Spring is okay, summer, too, though not here in Georgia – too damned hot. And winter only if it’s a really good one – 175 inches or more of snow, deep cold snaps that send you huddling on the couch with cocoa. 

But fall is good, too. My favorite holiday comes in the fall (Thanksgiving) and some of my favorite comfort foods are plentiful – pumpkin pies and apples. Although, to be honest, getting a great apple is really hard in Georgia. There’s nothing like fresh Empires from a roadside stand in my mind.

The wife has taken to making apple crisp, which is fine by me. I’m all about apples and sugar. She even got herself one of those fancy Williams Sonoma apple corers … mostly for slicing and peeling apples, but we enjoy the mechanics of it, too.


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  1. Man, missing the apples up north this time of year for sure. going to the orchards. wandering the rows, picking JUST the right ones, taking a bushel home. making FRESH apple cobbler… the pumpkin patch festivals…

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