Declan Gets a Wash

Okay, if you don’t know me, you might think Declan is the family pet. Or a newborn. But he’s not … he’s better.

Declan is my 1986 Ford Ranger SuperTruck. His odometer reads around 56,000 miles … but it could be 156,000 … or even 256,000 … plus, he’s got a 1989 motor in him. So, really, it doesn’t matter much.

He’s had a hard year. I thought he’d up and died over the summer, couldn’t get him to start reliably. Finally found the battery had shorted, bolted up a new one and he was as happy as ever.

Well, not fully … I realized the last time I’d done an oil change was … um … December 2006. Which was the last time (the only time) he was washed, too, since I was in New England with him and the salt didn’t look right on his (well faded) black paint. (Yeah, I drove a 20 year old pickup to New England from Georgia, where I promptly learned he had no heat …) 

Anyway, a little art from his spa day … 


Special Contest: My first truck, a 2001 Toyota Tacoma, was named Elvis. Why is Declan named Declan? (Current and past students not allowed to enter.) Winner gets (local) usage of Declan and me for an hour, light duty moving or trips to Sonic only … my choice.


  1. Too bad I can’t enter… I think I know the answer.

    I like the fuzzy dice, they add a nice touch.

  2. Cindy, whoever she is, has won. Congratulations!

    The original truck was named by a friend after I got a call from the dealer saying the truck was in Cleveland and headed to Utica, N.Y. The friend belted out, “Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.”

    Yeah, it wasn’t too funny then, either.

    Being more a fan of Elvis Costello then Elvis Presley, I always thought of him that way. So when truck two came along, it only made sense.

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