Most of the images I post here are things I found and documented. Today, I pulled out a tool and put it on my bench. That tool, made in the early 1970s, was my dad’s. It rattled around in his tool box for years and, when he passed in 1986, it became a central part of my kit.

It’s been used on almost every car I’ve owned for the last 26 years, thousands of spins, twists and busted knuckles.

Why this now? Today I am one day older than my dad was when he passed. I’d known this day was coming for a long time, the problem of looking at things as numbers, perhaps. I’ve spent a large part of my life comparing myself to him, where I was at various milestones. But from here on out, there’s no comparisons.

My dad did a lot of great things in his time, many things much better than I have done them. But my guide’s time has run out – I’m on my own.

Let’s see what what happens next.