Coffee and Cars

When I moved south a decade ago, the plan was to only be here for a year. After learning how to teach, I’d head back north to my family and friends, fall back into my routines of rallying and hanging out with car people.

It didn’t happen. I fell in love with my job, the quality of the kids is astounding and I ended up building a new life here. But … there’s always a but … but the car side of my brain, the side that likes busting knuckles and talking about roads, that side got the short end of the deal. I’ve made many friends, gone on new adventures, but never really found the car guys and gals that I had up north.

Maybe, now, I have … once a month a bunch of motor heads gather on a Saturday morning to have coffee and talk about cars. There’s some minor wrenching, but it’s mostly social.

No rallying, but this is, at last, a start.