Athens Surprises

It turns out there is a snowplow in Athens. It’s at St. Mary’s Hospital, and now I’ll unbury the lede … after having a bit of chest discomfort last month, my doc said congrats, I get a cardiologist, though he thought it was nothing to worry about. The cardiologist didn’t think it was much to worry about, either, but given the family history, I got a cardiac stress test.

Which showed an anomaly, so today I got a cardiac catheterization. Which showed … not much. But then my vision went a little wonky, so I got a CT that showed … not much.

I’m fine, everything’s fine and the Mrs.’ heart rate is back to normal.

Did you know after they look at your arteries from the inside, they give you sausage, deep fried hashbrowns and eggs? Seems … odd.