That title up there – 1,826 – that’s how many consecutive days I’ve posted an image to this site. Five years, three cameras, one guy’s vision of his world.

The initial plan was to do this for a year, maybe a little more. There was never a theme, never a driving force, just me wanting to make a little visual journal. Sometimes I set out to make a specific type of picture, sometimes I remembered late in the evening I still had to make a frame. But everyday for the last five years, I’ve tried to capture something about my day, a little slice of it, to share here.

Tomorrow, with no more of a plan than I’ve ever had, I’ll just do what I always do – sling a camera over my shoulder and go look at the world. Even with all the misery and suffering out there, I’m still happy to walk this earth, meet new people, see new things and just let the mystery be.