Well … this ends the 1-4-365-4-43 sequence. It also marks the 1,461st consecutive day that I have shot and posted a photo.* That’s a lot of photos of nothing.

Tomorrow should start the 1-4-365-4-44 sequence. I’m getting pretty close to 1,500 straight days – which is a lot sexier than 1,461. But four straight years is still kind of cool, isn’t it? I’d love to tell you I have a great plan for year 44, but … I don’t. Yet.

Maybe something will come of it in time. Maybe it’ll just be another string of how I see my day to day life. Stick around …

* You may think I backdate posts to fill in missing days, but the date on the post is the actual date these images have been made. I get behind in processing images more often than I’d like, but you can check the Flickr feed and see the metadata – it’s really been one photo a day for four years.