Go, Far Away

My second day with my thousand new Mini-owning friends had us driving from Charlotte to south of Richmond. With a few hours to myself, I decided to visit the Petersburg National Battlefield to do a little historical sight seeing.

I was surprised to find so many people there, most of them younger and without parents. Then I figured it out – they were all playing Pokemon Go. At a historic battlefield.


That’s the giant crater caused by Union soldiers tunneling under a Confederate post and detonating 8,000 pounds of explosives.

One from the road, somewhere in North Carolina.


I spend a lot of time on our back porch – morning coffee, evening reading, many hours just pondering as I stare off into the back woods. This morning, that view changes, radically and abruptly.

Thirty feet up, a limb snapped on a calm, sunny day and came crashing down on to the kids’ trampoline. Summer limb loss, the arborist says. Maybe an overextension.