A few years ago, we started putting digital signage up in the building. With some fits and starts, we have it working and it livens up the place.

At the end of the hallway I come down every morning is a display dedicated to the Peabody Awards, one of our Crown Jewels. But the material they’re displaying is … worthy, but jarring at times as it rolls from executions to Sesame Street.

No Records

Headed downtown for Record Store Day. Was early, towards the front of the line and the one record I wanted … was gone before I could get in.


At least I was out and about, saw a friend who scored a couple of things he really wanted. Now, if I could only go visit to hear them …

Light and Pop

We’ve been in this house for 13 years, I’ve never seen the light stream through the back woods like this. It lasted for just a moment as I pulled into the driveway, glorious.

Before departing, we had a little celebration for a funded project. Even in this darkness, the future is looking bright.