Night Out

If you spend any time with me, you know I have a passion for music. I spent a lot of my early career chasing light on stage, looking for those little moments where the performance and art blended and magic emerged.

Socially relevant? Not always, but a ringing guitar can salve a lot of souls.

An early favorite was the BoDeans, who I photographed several times in the late 1980s and 1990s. Last time, though, was in 1997 – meaning that film is old enough to buy a PBR at the bar.

A friend messaged me a few days ago, they were coming to Athens, small venue … dude, sign us up.

The Mrs. and I are trying to get better about getting out of the house. With both kids off to college, the time is there … though we’ve both managed to get busier this spring. We had a grand time, and I only wandered off two or three times to try and make some frames.

I remember when everyone was focused on the performance, lost in trances, lost in dances. It’s a little different now, the need to prove attendance is not something I really get. I go for me, not to prove to others I was there.

Of course, then I start publishing photos, so what do I know …

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