Fenced In

A theme came to me on my walk, I suppose.

As I look back at these four images, I’m reminded of a Bruce Kiskaddon poem I first heard uttered by the late, great Chuck Pyle. From The Time to Decide:

Did you ever stand on the ledges.
On the brink of the great plateau,
And look from their jagged edges
On the country that lay below?

When your vision met no resistance
And nothing to stop your gaze,
Till the mountain peaks in the distance
Stood wrapped in a purple haze.


Early on, the Mrs. and Girl Child started making pattern templates. They have several different designs depending on who will be using them, including smaller ones for kids.

We’ve been trying to support some local businesses, so we did a curb-side pickup from our favorite cheap Chinese restaurant tonight.


I was on a call last night with some of colleagues and mentioned the masks the Mrs. and Girl Child have been cranking out. Hesitatingly, each asked about availability.

This morning, they cranked out another batch and, on a glorious spring afternoon, I rolled the roadster out and about to deliver.

Rowing the gears, top down and radio on, was good for my soul. Helping out a collection of dear friends was even better.