I bailed out of my friend’s home earlier than expected, the weather forecast was hellacious. Four major wrecks in one 15 mile stretch of highway, trucks on their roofs and cars pointed in the wrong direction.

Still think this little Mini is one of the best long distance cruisers I’ve had – stable and smooth, easy to drive and efficient, too.

Eastbound, Not Homeward Bound

Last day of teaching at the Poynter Institute, heading to central Florida to spend a night with some old friends, then the long drive home tomorrow.

I’ve never done this drive, two lanes through nowhere. It is not as glamorous or picturesque as the brochures make it look, a mix of run down farms and run down homes.

Not Done Yet

Most of my colleagues are now home with their families, I have a few more days teaching at the Poynter Institute. I’ve been here when it’s full of enthusiastic academics and when it’s just the regular faculty and staff.

It’s still a magical place.

After dinner with a friend, I wandered the streets of St. Pete until I ran out of light.